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Young minds at Edify School are constantly encouraged to pursue the mindful habits of scholars. For this, Edify offers a broad, rich and challenging curriculum. The innovative curriculum promotes a strong foundation in the academic disciplines, a vast exposure to the liberal arts, and a plethora of opportunities to follow the passion for individual interests. As students progress through the grades, the program becomes increasingly flexible and compatible enough to offer a wide array of electives beyond the core curriculum. Teachers provide challenging classroom experiences designed to inspire curiosity and breadth of interest, self-expression, joy, and aesthetic sensibility. Each class has only a limited number of students to facilitate active participate in discussions, working together creatively to solve problems, to communicate their ideas effectively, and to learn from each other. This also helps the teachers pay individual attention to each child.

The Edify program is challenging and at the same time caring and supportive, hence facilitating growth. Students are encouraged to build close personal relationships with their teachers. The environment in the school is one of cooperation and a shared endeavor in the pursuit of learning and growth. Additional help outside of the classroom is like a catapult element of the Edify culture as teachers recognize their students’ individual needs and learning styles. We believe that students learn best when they can have complete trust in their teachers’ kindness and understanding and when the classroom is a safe haven for all questions and ideas.

An important facet of the word “hopefulness” entails the promise of benefits that accrue both from the process and the reality of learning. This hopefulness prompts the school now, more than ever, to strive to be a community that lays the foundation for a lifetime love of learning.

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